First of all, we work to be protective. With natural wood, we naturalize products that are durable for outdoor use. We offer the opportunity to use long-lasting natural wood that is resistant to all weather conditions. We strive to prevent 98% damage to trees and nature with all our products. Our Natural Wood products are produced exclusively for you with our R&D team to offer you the best and highest quality solutions.
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We offer works of art in harmony with nature
We enable the unique integrity of nature to meet with your buildings. Regardless of hot, cold, dry or humid climatic conditions, we offer you the best application of wood coating. We reflect the art of nature to your buildings with our eye-catching architectural works. As a result of the test performed in the internationally accredited laboratory according to the test norms, the reaction class against fire is A2 - s1, d0.
Technowood Blog Eco-friendly Transformation of Natural Wood: A Balanced Approach Between Durability and Aesthetics

Natural wood holds a significant place in the construction and design world due to its aesthetic and functional qualities. However, the use of natural wood also brings about issues such as deforestation and environmen

Technowood Concept Showroom

We invite you to our facility specially designed in the concept of "showroom-office" to see and experience Technowood's wide range of products and possibilities. We will be honored to welcome you in our

5 Amazing Features of Technowood

Have you ever thought that the biggest source of climate changes, air pollution and stress we experience could be the thousands of trees killed each year?


So what are we doing as Technowood and what kin

Wooden Pavilion for Tippet Rise Art Center

A wooden pavilion made from the logs of Burkinabe architect Diébédo Francis Kéré was built for the Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana, USA. Kéré has been internationally recogn

Hanging Wooden Logs Made by Recycling

Kayu-Kayu restaurant, designed by W Office architecture studio in Indonesia, includes corporate events, family gatherings and daily spaces. While designing the restaurant, the customers' being wood craftsmen, furn

Beykoz Konakları Istanbul / 2024
Sapanca Residence Sapanca / 2023
Özel Villa Adana / 2023
Özel Villa Mersin / 2023
TEKNİK DETAYLAR VE BİLGİLER Sizi TECHNOWOOD’un geniş ürün ve olanak yelpazesini görmek ve deneyimlemek için özel olarak “showroom-ofis” konseptinde tasarlanmış tesisimize bekliyoruz. Ürünlerimizin ve sistemlerimizin birebir uygulamalarını da görebileceğiniz ofisimizde sizleri ağırlamaktan onur duyarız. TECHNOWOOD TECHNOLOGY AND R&D We continue our R&D activities uninterruptedly in order to continue to develop the TECHNOWOOD product, which emerged as a result of our intensive R&D studies and eliminates all the disadvantages of wood without compromising its beautiful appearance, and to offer new solutions with this product. LATEST NEWS FROM TECHNOWOOD We continue our R&D activities uninterruptedly in order to continue to develop the TECHNOWOOD product and to offer new solutions with it. TECHNOWOOD SHOWROOM AND CONTACT We'll be honored to make you our guest in our showroom where you can see full size applications of our systems and products.


We give life to wonderful buildings in many parts of the world. We kindly ask you to review our references who are pleased with our products and applications. Each of our references bears witness to the art of nature.