ALUSIDING has been awarded with the First Prize in Iconic Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture!


ALUSIDING, which is produced with Technowood‘s revolutionary environment-friendly

production technology based on the method of coating durable materials with natural wood,

has been awarded the first prize in the Innovative Material Category within the Iconic

Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture competition organized by the German Design

Council. In addition to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), A2 Class Fireproof and EPD

(Environmental Product Declaration) certificates, Technowood continues to leave a mark

on the wood sector with its experience and innovative vision by winning the first prize from

the Iconic Awards competition, which has great international prestige.


ALUSIDING 20 Leaves Competitors Behind with its Innovative Production Technology

The ICONIC Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture competition was organized by the German Design Council with 5 main categories: architecture, interior, product, communication, and concept. Competitors participating in 5 main categories were given the right to participate in the Innovative Materials category, which defined as Superordinate, in addition to these categories. Technowood’s eco-friendly product ALUSIDING, which participated in the competition in Facade Products and Innovative Material categories, was evaluated by expert jury members under topics such as ergonomics, functionality, user-friendliness, sustainability, and environmental compatibility. ALUSIDING has won the first prize by surpassing its competitors in the category of Innovative Material with its innovative production technology and design.

Technowood Sheds Light Upon the Wood Industry

Technowood, which saves 98 of every 100 trees from cutting thanks to the special production technology developed in line with the idea of ​​‘Investing in the future, not moment saving‘, takes on the role of Environmentalist and Innovative company of the wood and construction sector.

Technowood, which has become the pioneer of the sector by providing the technological state of wood to architectural buildings of different scales and functions in more than 20 countries, sheds light upon the wood industry by adding a new one to its achievements with its first place in the Iconic Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture competition.

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