As COVID-19 Pandemic marches on all over the world, it threatens lives and surpasses the world economy, in the meantime, it has been having a profound impact on the environment. These impacts have both pros and cons..

At first, scientists realised there have been a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in China. With the pandemic is spreading worldwide, industrial actions started to decelerate, thus the major determinant of global warming, greenhouse gas emissions have been slowing down.

Meanwhile, excessively expanding social media sharings proved that wildlife took place in public which spawned an interpretation of this as “nature restores itself.”

The moral of this pandemic will lecture us about, how to deal with the climate changes in the future that will be significantly affected by the COVID itself.

Obscurely, medical wastes and wrapping packages pathetically increased. As carbon emission is decreased by our lives slowing down. However, we all should be taking into consideration what to do with medical wastes and take crucial precautions to prevent their footprint.

For instance, augmentation in consumption of packages for vegetables and fruits, packages used for online shopping, the prohibition of reusable bags because of the virus, etc. Aside from trying to prevent this waste, we are also supposed to be aware of the way that is necessary to produce all these packages. Producing adequate amount of packages just in the USA, we should butcher more than 1 billion trees.

When it comes to the whole world, we could basically say that we are butchering a forest as big as a football stadium in every 6 seconds, which is a total tragedy. Far from our modern worlds, these forests are the shelter for the wildlife. Although they have a huge impact on carbon dioxide emission, and it takes centuries to restore the forests.

We are carrying out our duty as Technowood Team to play a fundamental role, in protecting our forests and nature. Nobody had thought about this much annihilation of forests in nowadays, from hundred years ago. We are frankly against butchering trees just for fun. What we discovered, has been one of the best inventions of the history for the projects which still carry the exact appearance of natural wood, but with a huge amount of savings of the trees. Thinking of watching a football match for 90 minutes which means we are going into extinction of forests as big as 900 stadiums. Can you imagine forests full of 900 stadiums are lost just in one and a half hour ?

Please always be prepared, ALWAYS !! Because future stands with us.

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