Designed by the W Office architectural studio in Indonesia, the ‘Kayu-Kayu’ restaurant hosts corporate events, family gatherings and daily spaces. While the restaurant was being designed, the customers were composed of wood craftsmen, furniture manufacturers and dressmakers, which inspired the architects.

Wishing to incorporate clients’ characters into the design, the architects used various wooden logs floating high above the ground for the facade and interior. They built this design not only to create a shadow area, but as a symbol of the space. All the wooden decorations used are made from recycled woods, nature is also included in the design as possible.

The first floor is mainly used as a restaurant and cafeteria, while the second floor serves as an event space with a terrace overlooking the bar and garden area. Every detail, from the spiral staircase, door window frame to skylights, has been specially designed to showcase wood and steel joinery using local materials.

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