About Us


In 1986, when we first started to work with wooden products in commercial terms, we realized that one of the biggest problems of the sector was trying to restrain the stubborn freedom of wood.


With the importance we attach to research and development, our passion for innovation, and the experience we add to our work and expertise, we have always been a company that develops itself. Our belief in quality and uncompromising honesty have been the biggest factors that brought us to this day.


With the 10-year technological wood (coating of durable materials with wood) development period, we prevented the wood from working and turning in an unpredictable way and other deformations caused by it. Afterwards, we were be sure of the strength of our product, by successfully completing real-life tests with the climate of the regions such as Dubai / UAE - Doha / Qatar. 


In our opinion, the most important ideology behind the product we developed was to prevent tree slaughter and to make our future more livable. Thanks to Technowood, the rate of trees saved is 98%, which is incredible. At the same time, we offer this usage with an average of 5 times longer life.

We are proud to be the creator of Technowood products and the only manufacturer in the world:



"Our wish is that trees in the world should be cut down only for medicine, not for luxury."


To be a brand that constantly renews itself and is followed by adding new products and new systems to our product range, which is the first Technology in the world.


To the building world with our high quality products; to continue to offer reliable, nature-friendly and practical solutions and to release the imagination of our customers