Environment Declaration

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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive,a comprehensıve,ınternatıonally-harmonızed report that documents the ways ın whıch a product, throughout ıts lıfecycle, affects the envıronment.An EPD tells the complete story of a product in a single, written report, including information about a product’s environmental impact, such as global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution,ozone creation, and greenhouse gas emissions. An EPD can also include other impacts that are of particular interest to the discloser,such as human toxicity, risk and corporate social responsibility.

EPD`s do not rank products, and the existence of an EPD for a product does not indicate that environmental performance criteria have been met.EPD`s are a disclosure tool that helps purchasers
better understand a product’s sustainable qualities and environmental repercussions so they can make more informed product selections.

98% is the Ratio of saved trees by using Technowood

Technowood is using 98% less trees in production of its products than solid wood. In this way, it also helps protection of our forests that we’ve been destroying due to fatal fires and over-consumption.

We did a case study of the product usage for one of our projects.

With Technowood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 30% wastage) Trees needed
80×40 mm TechnowoodProfile 50,000 m 57.20 m3 191
200×20 mm TechnowoodSiding 15,000 m2 85.80 m3 286
Total 143.00m3 477

With Solid Wood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 45% wastage) Trees needed
80×40 mm Solid Teak Wood Profile 50,000 m 2,320.00 m3 7,734
200×20 mm Solid Teak Wood Siding 15,000 m2 4,350.00 m3 14,500
Total 6,670.00 m3 22,234

By using Technowood:

  • 21,757 trees saved from cutting
  • That means approximately 13.60 Hectares of Forest Area for just one Project.
  • Percentage of trees saved : 97.86%