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98% is the Ratio of saved trees by using Technowood

Technowood is using 98% less trees in production of its products than solid wood. In this way, it also helps protection of our forests that we’ve been destroying due to fatal fires and over-consumption.

We did a case study of the product usage for one of our projects.

With Technowood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 30% wastage) Trees needed
80×40 mm TechnowoodProfile 50,000 m 57.20 m3 191
200×20 mm TechnowoodSiding 15,000 m2 85.80 m3 286
Total 143.00m3 477

With Solid Wood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 45% wastage) Trees needed
80×40 mm Solid Teak Wood Profile 50,000 m 2,320.00 m3 7,734
200×20 mm Solid Teak Wood Siding 15,000 m2 4,350.00 m3 14,500
Total 6,670.00 m3 22,234

By using Technowood:

  • 21,757 trees saved from cutting
  • That means approximately 13.60 Hectares of Forest Area for just one Project.
  • Percentage of trees saved : 97.86%