Frequently Asked Questions

Can Technowood products be used in extreme climates?
Can Technowood products be used in tropical climates with high humidity and heat?
Can Technowood products be used on seasides and beaches with a high salt effect?
How is Technowood affected by acid rain?
Does different expansion coefficients of wood and aluminum cause problems? Also, over time, does the `` bimetal effect '' (one-way twisting) occur in the one-sided application of the natural wood veneer?
Wood that is exposed to UV rays changes color / fades over time. You use 3D Technowood varnish to protect this. Do your materials come out of the factory polished?
When your products are cut in the construction site environment, unprotected wood emerges from the cut points, what should be done to prevent the product from being damaged by these parts? What are the risks when installed without any action?
What is the reason why aluminum products are painted with static paint before coating?
Since the coating thickness used in Technowood products is less than 1mm, is it suitable for use with sandpaper?
In projects in hot climates, if the material temperature is too high, can it cause delamination (removal of wood coating)?
How can we get test reports about your products?
What is the warranty period for Technowood products?
Can your natural wood covered products be bent later in accordance with the project? What is the minimum angle for bending?
What are your average lead times for custom sample production and mass production?
We see you can coat even long profiles like 12 meters. Do you use single size coating for this or does it be added?