Alaz Group is an organization that respects nature, starting with the motto that the tree should be a medicine. We aim to change the color of the air we breathe with the TechnoWOOD product, which emerged with a mindset firmly committed to the idea of investing in the future, not saving the moment. So how do we do this? We don't cut down trees, we save trees. We use half a millimeter thick wood veneer; therefore, in a project planned to be made by cutting 100 trees, we are saving 98 trees.


For example, Red Cedar Tree, which is used outdoors and is prohibited in our country, grows in a period of 100 years. Such a tree is consumed incredibly only because of its high dimensional stability outdoors, and the companies that do this console people by saying that new trees are planted. We ask the following question: "Well, could such trees have been planted 100 years ago considering today's massacre?" Answer: Make sure NO.


Have you ever thought that the biggest source of climate changes, air pollution and stress that are starting to make itself felt gradually may be the thousands of trees killed each year?