Think Beyond Future

5 Amazing Features of Technowood

Have you ever thought that the biggest source of climate changes, air pollution and stress we experience could be the thousands of trees killed each year?


So what are we doing as Technowood and what kind of contributions do we contribute to designs?



1. Thanks to Technowood technology, we save 98% of trees from being cut down.



2. As Technowood, we pay attention to the use of resources by using half a millimeter thick wood veneer



3.With 25-year warranty periods for Technowood products, we offer the use of wood with an average life of 5 times longer and contribute to sustainability.



4. As Technowood, we prove our sensitivity to the environment with the EPD certificate. So what is the EPD document? EPD document, also known as environmental product declaration document, is an independently verified and registered document that provides a transparent and comparable communication of the environmental effects that occur throughout the life cycle of the products.



5. As Technowood, with the capacity to produce a single piece of wood up to 12 meters, we provide design freedom by overcoming the problem of designers not using a single piece of wood more than 4 meters.