Technowood Panels


Technowood Aluminum Panel

The world’s first A2 fireproof class natural wood coated material Technowood has become the new aesthetic image of the building sides. This light system which easily passes the side openings requested by the architects does not bring load to the building as well as it provides advantage with fast production, labor and cost.

Technowood, which is consistent of a great combination of naturalness, tissue and feel of wood at one side and speed, durability, lightness and recycling brought by the technology at the other side, prevents situations such as expansion, rotation, cracking, mildew, fungi, bacteria formation, frequent maintenance and varnishing that ate disadvantages of massive wood as well as it provides added value to the forests and environmental awareness by using 98% less wood.

Product : Aluminum or GRP

Field of Use: Wall, Door, Garage Door, Ceiling,...

Features : A2 Class Fireproof Aluminum, lightweight, Standard 6mt or 10, 15, 16 up to 7.5 meters and 20cm of widht 

System : Assembled by being screwed on carcass system with T profile and L brackets after being taken to the scale on vertical or horizontal layers






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